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"Navigating the Digital Roundabout: Implementing Strategies for Success"

To grow it is necessary to cultivate a culture of continuous innovation. Innovation is not just “waiting for a bright spark”; it is a process. We at DRPL have cultivated a culture of continuous innovation.


Innovation need not be in big steps; the real innovation comes in the form of baby steps taken every day.

DRPL By encourages each member of the DR family to come up with ideas.


As a strategy for Product development, we focus on the Gaps in the marketplace. We at DRPL work towards being the experts in the concept development, global project management, implementation and providing a service. We want to improve everyday by innovative use of technology.


The Process of Innovation starts with our working with the customers to – Identify the Gap. 


We have partners across the world in many geographies. We try and bring the expertise of different companies together to build a unique product. The R&D and prototype building is taken up with appropriate subject matter experts. By doing this we can manage the product development cost and use the best in the field. This also reduces the time to market as we can work on the development of multiple products simultaneously.

Currently we have several products in different stages of production.

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