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All into e-Note


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your notes forever

We all are flooded with multiple devices but we still carry a small note pad to the meetings, students still carry heavy bags to school. Have you ever thought, if you can have a digital device which is as light as your note pad, as easy to write as on a paper, take notes, mark and make corrections as you feel like at your convenience, draw and scribble,  and do not have to worry about losing them. The same Device holds all your Books and reference books. You can work on it continuously without having to worry about losing the ‘battery life’ or the LCD screen straining your eyes....... ​ It weighs as little as  435 grams. The battery lasts more than a month before you re-charge and no charging of the pen. Writing experience, as good as writing on paper. Large writing area of 10.3", connects to cloud. Glare free to enable a long and healthy reading time. ​ This is as close to paper as it gets. ​ With all this in mind we have created D-kagaz. “D” stands for Digital and “Kagaz” means paper. A paper diary with all the advantages of the digital world.


We believe in collaborative approach. Digital Roundabout is a global technology services company focused on Moving Digital Audio & Visual content, Processing the embedded information using AI on the cloud and Edge computing devices to deliver cost effective Products and services. We design, implement and operate reliable video solutions that capture, process and deliver our clients’ video and audio content from any source, in any format, to any destination in an efficient & cost effective manner. We bring the technology of  Video capture and embedded Meta data to the real life applications.  We work with multiple partners to incorporate their "best in class" products and services into our products and provide unique solutions to our customers.

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