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Collaborative Enterprise

The company has been built based on the concept of Collaborative Enterprise. We have built the company by working together with our partners to provide the best possible products & service at the lowest possible cost to the customer.


Open and free Knowledge Sharing is the key to our growth. A number of individuals working as a team, and a number of teams together to give birth to new Innovative thoughts..


We are a company which is born to provide long term service, where on-going Innovation leads to continuous improvement in the quality of service and reduction in cost. We bring together the best suited resources, explore the most cost effective solution for a customer and deliver a reliable service.


We want to build a company where everyone is encouraged to think freely and experiment. In our endeavour to Innovate and create better efficiencies. We are committed to create an atmosphere where there is no fear of failure.

Equal Opportunity

 I have faced many incidents in my life which I ignored and always said to myself “move on”. Discrimination comes in many different shapes and forms, and we learn to live along with this behavior. Even as a CEO one can do nothing about it, one is constrained by many factors and above all the pressure of not loosing the job.


As a founder of the company I am personally committed to concept of Equality. At Roundabout Pte Ltd, we believe in creating an open and inclusive environment where everyone is given an equal opportunity to work. We are committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination based on religion, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and other categories. We strive to foster a sense of respect, collaboration and creativity that can only be achieved when everyone is respected and valued.

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