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Since 2020, our company has had a lot of exciting news to share. We've released new products, expanded our customer base, and celebrated new accomplishments. Our team is proud to have achieved so much in the past year, and we look forward to continuing our success in the years to come. We invite you to stay up to date with our news by subscribing to our blog or following us on social media. We'll keep you informed of the latest developments in our business so you can be a part of our success story.


d-Kagaz Achieves BIS Certification

At Digital Roundabout, we are proud to announce that our e-note product d-Kagaz (KNI23) has recently achieved the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification. This makes d-Kagaz the first e-ink based e-note to receive this prestigious certificate. We have worked hard to make sure that our product meets the highest standards of quality and safety, and are delighted to be able to provide our customers with the assurance of this certification. With this certification, we are confident that our e-note will continue to provide our customers with a reliable, quality experience at affordable cost.

Based on our success in the Indian market we have plans to start the manufacturing of the e-ink based top of the line e-note product in India for our Global market.


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d-Kagaz Achieves ETA-WPC Certification

d-Kagaz has recently obtained Equipment Type Approval-WPC from the Indian Government. This certification ETA-WPC along with the certification from  the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifies that d-Kagaz complies with all the safety standards and regulations specified in India. This is a major step forward for d-Kagaz as it will now be able to introduce its products into the Indian market. 

We have a long-term plan to manufacture d-Kagaz in India and make it the manufacturing hub for our worldwide distribution. With this Equipment Type Approval-WPC, we are one step closer to achieving our goal. We are confident that our products will be successful in the Indian market and will revolutionize the e-note industry.


Think it

Write it

Cloud it

Digital Roundabout takes customer data security very seriously. In our new Product d-Kagaz (the Digital Paper) we have created created multiple options for the customers. The customer can sync their notes with our storage. We provide each customer with about 500 GB of storage for 1 year free.

We understand some customers may not be comfortable with this or due to other reasons would like to use their own cloud storage to be able to sync it files to their other devices. Initially we have the provision of the customer storing their data in their own account on Drop Box, One Drive or Google Drive. As we grow further we will intergrate with other storage providers as the demand grows. this allows the customers to seemlessly use Kagaz and replace the 'old' note pad.

For the customers who use our service for the cloud storage, Digital Roundabout has partnered with Tata Communications to provide the Cloud storage for their d-Kagaz Product. As part of the agreement Tata is providing the cloud storage in 4 different regions for the customers in those regions. For the customers in India the data will be stored in India, for customers in SEA countries in Singapore, for the customers in Americas the cloud store will be in USA and for the customers in Europe the Cloud store in Europe.

DRPL is taking the lead in making sure we comply with the local Data Security laws.


January 5, 2023



The trademark d-Kagaz has been registered in India under the Digital Roundabout India Private Limited. We will be start shipping the product from mid January. All the marketing material will be carrying the above along with our Corporate logo.

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